What are the Best Locations for Automated Teller Machines?

There are a lot of factors that contribute to the success of an ATM’s location. Both geographic and seasonal factors are crucial. People need to keep in mind that numbers are not just the essential factor in gauging a location’s success. The rule of thumb in this kind of situation is to measure the business’s success and popularity.

If the company is pretty busy, has an excellent chance of keeping it for many years, as well as regularly draws clients, the numbers will be a lot higher compared to spots with minimal success. The locations listed below are considered the highest profit potential among all sites when it comes to revenue. But they are usually provided with Automated Teller Machines from the start; that is why it is hard to get started in these places unless people know someone to help them get to these prime locations.

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Automated Teller Machines in big casinos see around 3,000 to 5,000 transactions per month. We have witnessed ATMs in casinos with at least 5,000 transactions per month. Small casinos, on the other hand, cover 50 to 1,000 transactions per month. Not only do these machines get tons of traffic, but also the surcharge fees are quite high.

More traffic and a high surcharge mean excellent profit. While ATMs in casinos get the most withdrawals out of all the locations on this list, they are very hard to obtain. People will usually find bank-controlled Automated Teller Machines in these places, but that is not the case always.

One of the best ways to find these spots is to depend on anteceding connections and links. Are there services people already offer casinos? So, do they know somebody in charge of a casino business? Are there other services businesses could add to their proposals that would lead casino owners to associate with them?

Since money machines in these facilities are so lucrative and necessary, individuals will rarely find locations in want of one. But they might be able to negotiate better deals compared to other Automated Teller Machine owners. Always keep in mind that all these processes are easier to navigate if people already know individuals in the legal gambling industry.

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Description: Massachusetts Relaxes ATM Rule For Casinos

Gentlemen’s clubs

Experts suggest potential ATM owners check gentlemen’s clubs as a possible location for their devices. Devices situated in these locations, see around 500 to 1,000 transactions per month, but are desired by a lot of ATM owners that rivals to get this location is very high.

Unless the device owner knows the club owner, they would have to be an excellent salesperson to draw the attention of individuals who are set up with Automated Teller Machines already. But again, it is not unheard of or impossible. If individuals have been in this kind of business for quite a while, they might be ready to chase these almost impossible and high-demand spots.

Other spots on this list are easier to attain. That is why, instead of spending a lot of time, money, effort, and energy trying to start in these unreachable spots, people could be making passive incomes by targeting easier locations.


Foot traffic-hotel automated teller devices depend on the hotel occupancy. The more customers stay at the facility, the more possibility of more transactions. While some devices see around 50 to 200 transactions per month, medium to large hotels can get at least 200 withdrawals and inquiries every month.

But these numbers will still be based on the achievement of the facility itself. A non-branded facility with good customer feedback and review might bring more customers and have more transactions compared to large and more well-known hotels that the public does not enjoy living in. It also depends on the location. For instance, Oregon ATM service locations are more profitable in small hotels than big hotels.

What motels or hotels do individuals need to choose in your city or municipality? What is the situation of the competitors? Where do individuals like to stay and go when they are on vacation in your area? Are motels and hotels in the city busier than other places? These are just some of the things owners need to keep in mind when measuring which spots have the potential of getting the most revenue.

Bars and nightclubs

These places are usually cash-heavy spots. There are around 100 to 500 transactions per month. Patrons do not want any risks of losing their credit cards or having them stolen; that is why they instead might just bring and use cash. A lot of these places take cash-only transactions.

Then there is tipping – it is easier and quicker to give your favorite waiters/waitresses or bartenders a couple of bills than charged to your credit card. Tips given in cash are more convenient and profitable for people working in these places since bank cards’ surcharge fees are not taken from their cash tips.