Escape Hour: Quest Room Fun in Canada

When it comes to unusual ways to spend your free time together with friends, escape rooms are probably among the most entertaining ones. They provide plenty of exciting emotions, a rush of adrenaline, quite a bit of challenges and no shortage of fun. When it’s time to hang out with friends, give escape rooms a try. Especially if it’s Escape Hour, one of the best escape room & quest room platforms in Canada. This place is nice and entertaining, its colorful, well-planned rooms are sure to leave plenty of memories.

A locker room, or escape room, which means the same thing, is a great group activity. In some ways, it feels similar to watching a movie, except that this time it’s you and your friends who are part of the action. Every escape room is different and has a special, individual theme that makes your experience fun and memorable. When it comes to Escape Hour, no escape room feels like the other.

When you book an escape room session, you get separate room shared only between you, for the duration of an hour. There are no other people present with the exception of the game master who can give useful tips if you’re stuck. At Escape Hour, all rooms are sanitized after play. This is the best service of such kind in Edmonton and Calgary.

If you love solving riddles, you will definitely love quest rooms. All quest rooms at Escape Hour are of varying complexity, depending on your preference and experience. If you’re new to the whole thing, then probably you’ll prefer something the least challenging, such as Senator’s Battle, which is perfect for beginners. As soon as you get more experience and want more challenge, feel free to explore Five Lives, Matrix theme and Tron Battle. All these escape rooms have a medium level of difficulty. If you’re ready to try your luck, you should definitely try Bank heist, which is the most complex quest room at Escape Hour.

Escape Hour offers an individual game master for each game session. No game master is shared between multiple sessions at the same time. This is a purely individual approach. No other players are added to your team as well. The game master can help you during the game.

Escape Hour Canada has its doors open to everyone, especially if you’re located in Edmonton and Calgary. In that case, you should definitely pay this place a visit as soon as you get the chance on the