5 Best Platinum Coins In The World


Platinum is one of the rarest and most expensive precious metals in the world. It was discovered in 1735 and since then it only gained popularity over the centuries. In the beginning, it wasn’t appreciated as much as today. The reason why people used it was that it resembled like silver, so a lot of scams were done back in the day because of this similarity.

Today, platinum is one of the most expensive materials. It is widely used in the industry of electronics but it also an element used as an investment product. Since the price is high enough today and it is pretty rare, people think that its price will only go up in the future so they invest in platinum coins, bullion, and bars.

Platinum coins, unlike silver and gold coins, weren’t popular in the past. Their popularity started rising in the second half of the 20th century. The first ones that started minting platinum coins were the Russians. They actually are the only ones that tried platinum coins as their official currency.

In 1977 they first released a series of coins dedicated to the Olympic Games held in USSR. The idea was obviously a good move and in 1983 the Island Of Man also released their own series. From 1988 more countries got involved in minting platinum coins. Here are the five best platinum coins in the world today in our opinion.

1. The 22nd Summer Olympic Games series, USSR

Since this is the first modern platinum coin, we just had to put it in the list. The set was a part of the huge minting process that produced over 8.5 million coins from platinum, gold, silver, and copper-nickel. They were released in 1977 and were in production until the break of the USSR in 1991.

You can find these coins today online for a price of $800 and above.

2. The American Eagle, USA

The American Eagle is a famous American coin made in gold and silver and since 1997 it is available in platinum too. Made with 99.995% platinum it is one of the most beautiful designs among all platinum coins out there.

The platinum eagles are the only platinum coins backed by the American Government. It’s a coin with a 100 dollar denomination which makes it the highest denomination among all other American coins.

3. The Vienna Philharmonic, Austria

The Austrian mint is one of the oldest ones in the world. They’ve been minting coins as early as 1194. The Vienna Philharmonic coin was first produced in 1989 as a gold coin and in the official Austrian currency – shillings. From 2002 the coin was made in the new currency – euro.

The platinum coin was introduced in 2006. The face and the reverse side are exact as the gold and the silver coin. It has a denomination of 100 Euros which is one of the highest denominations in the world.

4. The Australian Koala, Australia

The Australian Koala is one of the first few platinum coins made in modern history. It was being minted from 1988 until 2010 and it is known as probably the most beautiful platinum coin of all. It was made in the mint at the city of Perth by workers who were always doing an outstanding job.

The Australian Government ordered new coins each year but only made so much that this coin is actually considered as a rare one. Still, collectors are able to have one in their property if they try and find it.

5. The Noble Coin, Isle of Man

This coin is actually more than just great history. The Isle Of Man is an island close to the coast of Great Britain and Ireland. It was a Viking territory for centuries. Vikings were known for two things – sailing and for being weaponsmiths. Crafting axes and swords is very similar to making coins. Learn more about the Isle of Man here.

Today the island is officially a British protectorate, but technically, it’s an independent country. They are famous for minting amazing gold, silver and platinum coins. Their Noble Coin series made of 99.995% platinum is one of the best in the world. It was produced from 1983 until 1989, and then again in 2016.